Workshops to improve your life

You are the space in which your relationships are manifesting. Consider that each one of your relationships is a mirror for you, reflecting back who you are being at that moment.

Below is an overview of the workshops offered:

The trilogy -
a powerful journey to master your life!

The core curriculum is called “the trilogy” and is comprised of three fundamental steps: Intro, IPE and GAP.

1. the introductory course – Intro

The Introductory Course is the first module of the Trilogy.

The Intro is an experiential workshop in which you have an opportunity to discover the underlying beliefs and views that determine your experience and results in life.

In the Intro you will begin choosing behaviors and actions consistent with your heartfelt commitments and vision for your life. The workshop is 5 days.

Through the Introductory course you will:

  • Produce the specified extraordinary results you declare in all areas of your life.
  • Experience a profound shift in how you view and relate to yourself and others.
  • Expand your ability to create with less effort and stress.
  • Enhance your personal power in creating the future you want.

2. the interpersonal experience – IPE

The IPE is the second module of the Trilogy.

This intensive, breakthrough-oriented workshop, provides the contextual shift required for you to be able to access what is required to live your dreams.

You will have an opportunity to overcome your past and present circumstances in order to accomplish the extraordinary.

Through the Experience (IPE) you will:

  • Access your personal power to create intended results..
  • Experience letting go of past limitations.
  • Experience being fully your authentic self.
  • Transform your relationship with fear.
  • Access full self-expression and freedom.

3. the leadership practice – GAP

The Leadership Practice is the third module of the Trilogy. It is a three month coaching environment that empowers you to create, unbridled by the past, a future that you say is worth living.

The Leadership Practice is a breakthrough in the possibility of making a difference.

The Leadership Practice is about standing outside of the ordinary and opening up the possibility of the extraordinary.

In the Leadership Practice, you will declare and achieve quantum leap results in both your personal and professional lives. You receive weekly coaching and daily practice in mastering the distinctions that are required for authentic leadership.

Are you ready to commit to goals that matter to you? To define a new standard of excellence for yourself, alongside other accomplished people who do amazing things in their lives and communities?

In this 90-day leadership practice and Graduate Achievements’ Program (GAP), you will:

  • Become an effective communicator,
  • Heighten your creativity and enthusiasm
  • Become a valued team player,
  • Live with passion, and
  • Learn to champion the achievements of others – the essence of true leadership.

It is a time to establish new, more productive habits and patterns of behavior, based not on limitations but on a deep experience and appreciation of your true potential.

The Graduate Achievement Program (GAP) or Leadership Practice (LP) groups meet formally once a week and over three weekends, which include outdoor challenge games and a final weekend retreat.

It is a unique journey – an on-going process of discovery and breakthrough.

Powerful courses offered in addition to the trilogy

the masters course

The master's workshop

“Consider the possibility that who you are may be gotten at some level by tasting “being the space” in which everything is arising moment to moment.”

“Notice the flow, the movement of content, form trans-forming moment to moment…. consider for a moment that you are that which allows what is manifesting to manifest, as well as that which is arising moment to moment…”

The Masters Course is an in-depth experience of the principles of mastery and the practices of living a transformed life of freedom and grace.

Through the Masters Course you will:

  • Begin living the practices from which all ‘master’s’ live.
  • Live free from the influence of negative emotions and past limitations.
  • Experience the philosophical and intellectual foundation
    of transformation.
  • Become effective at generating the future you desire with less effort.

The masters course deals with the most relevant question any human being could ever ask: Who am I?

It challenges participants with questions such as: Are you your body? Are you your feelings? Are you your mind?… Then, Who are you? Really! Who are you?

The workshop explores the “Already Always Listening”, distinguishes Content and Context, Ego and Self, and offers insight into the pervasive Context of Survival, the fear of dying, and the search for meaning and purpose.

Being in the Question” is emphasized as a practice to avoid fixation and conceptualizations that perpetuate the illusion of separateness.

the relationships course

Sexuality workshop

“You are the space in which your relationships are manifesting. Consider that each one of your relationships is a mirror for you, reflecting back who you are being at that moment.”

Men and women everywhere long for intimacy, that intrinsic human desire to feel nourished and sustained within a deep, connected relationship, entrusting our full heart to the care of another.

While we have perhaps tasted the sweetness of great love, the joyous ecstasy of intimacy, we have also known the agony of loss as a relationship ends or feared that loving fully means losing our autonomy.

We wonder, is it possible to cultivate lasting, fulfilling relationship and still maintain a sense of freedom?

The conflicting longings of the human heart, the quest to express one’s essential self while allowing our wholeness to be embraced by another, is the journey to intimate relationship.

This course takes you on journey that is both challenging and exciting.

If you are single and wondering why it seems so difficult to create and sustain quality coupling, married and wondering why the blush of romance has lost its sheen, or simply ready to reawaken the passion and fire within you, please join us.

The relationship course will support you in opening your heart, laying down your defenses. You will appreciate others who will be sharing about their losses, longings, loves and joys.

You will be able to cultivate a new path towards true intimacy by:

  • Loosening the foundation of your structure of interpretation that perpetuate hurtful relational cycles.
  • Exploring the practice of conscious loving by opening your heart in painful times, embracing the moment and thereby liberating yourself from the confines of past roles.
  • Learning to navigate conflict so that it becomes an opportunity for healing.
  • Developing the process of differentiation, breaking up co-dependency, and balancing the needs for both individuality and connection. Defining and integrating the distinctions of masculine power and feminine grace.

Relationships Workshop takes you to a whole new stage of development by providing access to a whole new context in which to hold all your relationships.

It also provides a deepening of our understanding of the Masculine and the Feminine principles. A life altering workshop.

the teenagers course

In one evening and a week-end you can change your world.

Imagine being a teenager armed with the distinctions of integrity, choice, contribution, vision, and responsibility.

As a teenager, would you want to learn how to communicate more openly and honestly? Create more meaningful friendships?

Learn how to handle the stress of doing well in school? dealing with the expectations of your teachers and parents?

Would you want support in figuring out the big life questions: Who am I?  Where do I fit in?  What do I want? and How do I get it?

After completing Teen Leadership teens report many or all of the following:

  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to rise above peer pressure
  • Living from personal responsibility
  • Clarity on goals, commitments, and choices
  • Higher grades
  • Happiness and gratitude
  • Learning how to deal with stress and the expectations of teachers and parents
  • Communicating more openly and honestly with family and friends

Other workshops with a self-study audio-course option

the abundance and prosperity training

Love, money and the time to enjoy it. That is the essence of abundance and prosperity.

It’s about taking the limits off the flow of love and friendship and money.

Do you seek financial security, lasting love and ample time to enjoy all the things in life that bring you pleasure?

Invest one weekend and you can create timeless opportunities for your life.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles that generate the experience of abundance for all human brings.

You will be guided in applying these principles to the areas of your life that are most important to you.

Register for this course ONLY if you are open to creating possibilities for wealth, lasting security and rich, satisfying relationships with the important people in your life.

In preparation for the Abundance and Prosperity workshop, you can take the 4-weeks’ Abundance and Prosperity Audio Course for only $97, click here for more information.

“storybored,” also called  “tortugas”

I designed “storybored” as a one-evening workshop for the purpose of creating a simple and elegant opening in people’s lives.

In storybored, I guide students through a series of simple exercises designed to allow or facilitate a fundamental breakthrough as they distinguish “what is” from “the story” they made up, or the hidden interpretations that are running their lives.

I tell the participants that these exercises do not themselves generate breakthroughs. They enable them to do so, provided they make themselves available to it, with a clear intention or commitment to generating it.

My commitment is to their commitment to create a new possibility for their lives.

After tortugas (or storybored), participants report experiencing:

  • An expanded sense of personal power,
  • Authorship for your own life, or the possibility of being  responsible human beings,100.
  • Greater compassion and forgiveness for themselves and others
  • An increased ability to meet the circumstances of their lives with an open heart.
  • And, lastly and most importantly, the possibility of experiencing freedom. And by freedom, I mean the ultimate freedom: the possibility of being authentic and truly honoring who they are.

Storybored, allows you to recreate certain aspects of yourself so that you can experience yourself as a responsible, powerful, and authentically self-expressed human being.

You will have a chance to reinvent yourself and experience life from the stand of a loving, authentic and responsible individual.

In preparation for the workshop, you can take the “storybored” Part I Audio Course for free!, click here for more information.