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This one year certification program is the most intense leadership development camp for senior leaders, interested in driving powerful results. The Excellence in Leadership (EIL) executive series is comprised of two phases.  Phase I Baseline is 5 days and Phase II Advanced is 2 days.  Both sessions are intense 14+/- hour days of training.

The Excellence in Leadership training represents an exceptional experience. We believe that leaders are those who envision, declare and create something extraordinary and unprecedented. An unprecedented result means a result no longer inspired by the past interpretations, but rather inspired by forward possibilities.

In this training, participants discover fundamental distinctions regarding what it means to lead. They move from a desire to “control” things into the domain of creating new possibilities regardless of current circumstances.

Attendees will have an opportunity to experience the power that their existing beliefs have on their performance and be provided a platform to understand the constraints they place on themselves by the structure of their own interpretations.

Additionally, attendees will discover that they have the power to confront limiting beliefs. The training provides a safe environment for people to see themselves acting and reacting based on hidden blind spots. They discover negative patterns affecting their professional performance – things that may be keeping their performance in the ordinary category.

Participants are encouraged, through powerful exercises, to access their personal leadership power while understanding the privilege of personal responsibility and full blown accountability.  They will explore the real choices they have, and come to a clear understanding of the impact of what they choose. They will move from “its happening to me” to appreciating the value of an “I cause things to happen” interpretation.

Participants will discover the power of letting go of their existing interpretation that circumstances determine what is possible. They will be able to distinguish their own conscious and unconscious intentions and thus create an entirely new platform for results.

Personal responsibility and the value of fully committing are complemented with a deep look at the importance of integrity when leading. There is also an interactive discussion on the value of keeping agreements as a foundation for generating the highest possible levels of performance as a leader.

EIL will address the prices of breaking agreements as a leader, the impact on trust and ultimately on their ability to generate results with their team. The program also addresses the loss of integrity as a result of subconscious intentions and offer some guidance and distinctions for restoring trust and workability with those they lead.

Attendees will be empowered to create a workable plan and be provided strategies for building their organization.

Most individuals come to the training thinking they need to change something they are doing wrong in order to access a new level of leadership performance. They often seek a “how to” formula that they can reproduce.

By the end of the training, participants will be clear that who they “are” (or who they chose to “be”) is the root that inspires the leadership actions they take and that those actions are ultimately what generates their results.

Participants become conscious of the fact that the real work is not so much about changing their impossible conditions, but in developing the ability to envision what is possible.  Only then will they be able to declare it into being and act passionately in order to manifest the leadership results desired.


• We request each leader “choose” to attend rather than to be sent.

• We request 100% participation during the program despite the intensity of the training.

• We request attendees come with a clear understanding of what they want to accomplish.


• A deeper understanding of how unseen forces impact leadership results.

• A shift in attitude from “victim” to “responsible” .

• A powerful opportunity for improved results in all areas of your life.

• A gain in leadership skill base and mindset.


• Be 100% present.

• Be open, positive and have a desire to learn should attend.

• Come prepared to play big.

(Be aware that the schedule will be extremely rigorous)

• Day One 8:00 pm – 10:00+/- pm (Please arrive early)

Attire: Business Casual

• Day(s) Two – Four 9:00 am – 11:00+/- pm (Please arrive early)

Attire: Business Casual

• Day Five 6:00 am – 12:00 pm (Please arrive early)

Attire: Business Casual


“At the start I thought, “Who are these guys”, then the lights came on and I saw the value.”

“The way the program was structured was excellent.”

“The program was perfect just as it was.”

“I discovered that what blocks my thinking is more important than any tactics I could have received.”

“Results are starting to show, I hired 7 new recruits and one 8 year senior recruit, the leadership program really helped since I am going into recruiting with a new attitude.”

“I just picked up the #1 team of a primary competitor, and the #1 marketing guy for another major competitor, the leadership training was key for recruiting since I was able to present my vision and get these guys to buy in.”

“I needed the vision relative to who I am, what I stand for, and what I wanted to create, this was the most important.”

“I discovered that if I am going to be an exceptional leader, I have to be willing to be uncomfortable – the program helped me breakthrough to a new level of leadership.”

“I created a new leader with a renewed sense of vigor, appreciative of life and respect for others.  My ability to know who I am and put others first was powerful.  I also understand what it means to play big.  I received a new appreciation of upper management.”

“I know I will be able to provide a better life for everyone I come in contact with.”

“I discovered a new beginning for love, family, friends, work, everything.”

Find out how to create a better life for yourself!